Pallet Types

Heavy Duty Winged Pallets sprayed as per customer's requirements
4 Way New Pallets
New 4 Way Pallets
2 Way New Pallets
1200 x 1000 Full Perimeter 4 Way Entry Pallet

This is the most common pallet used in the UK and used in almost all industries. The pallet can be manufactured to meet all safe working loads.

1200 x 1000 2-Way Pallet (AKA Drum Pallet)

This pallet is used within the chemical industry and is designed to be able to transport 4 x 205 litre drums. The 2-way design pallet combines strength and durability and allows capacity to triple stack fully laidened pallets. This product can be manufactured to individual specification including board/bearer quantity.

USAGE: Oil and Chemical industry

1200 x 1000 4 Way Entry

A 1200 x 1000 is the standard UK sized pallet, which has similarities within its design to the European pallet. Being of a 3-legged design enables easy access for customers who use electric pallet trucks. This pallet can be manufactured to customers’ specification. USAGE: Print and Paper industry.

1100 x 1100 2 Way Entry (Wing)

This product can be manufactured in a 2-way or 4-way pallet.

Pallets can be manufactured to customers’ specifications in both 2-way and 4-way design with size and strength being determined by the customers’ requirements.

The pallet (pictured) is a heavy duty 1100 sq 2-way pallet and is used for goods being effectively loaded into shipping containers, where loading for 1200 sq pallets is possible, but at a premium.

1200 x 800 Lightweight

This product is an unregistered pallet. Therefore, can be manufactured to a lighter specification, where overall size is compatible with a stamped European pallet.

CP9 1140 x 1140

The registered CP pallets (1-9) have simplified the ordering of pallets across Europe. Each CP identification number is unique to its design and size. Users of CP pallets are assured that they will have uniformity of specification and strength.

USAGE: Chemical and Plastics industry

1200 x 800 Stamped Euro

The stamped Euro is a registered European pallet.


The specification and size of this product cannot be modified.


The pallet is manufactured to a heavy duty and has a carrying capacity of 1¼ tonne.

Within the European market this pallet is used in all aspects of road transport, storage and manufacturing.

1140 x 1140 Heavy Duty Notched 2 Way Entry

The notched pallet turns a 2-way pallet into a 4-way.

This design of pallet is the standard design for a 4-way pallet within the USA.

The board and bearer quantity can be determined by customers with regard to the cost and strength.